Wesley Noble

Hi there,

I’m a UX designer on a mission. When I was younger I wanted to be a doctor because of the tangible ways they help people. I pass out at the sight of blood so I became a designer instead. My mission as a designer? To help people in tangible, meaningful ways. I'm driven by empathetic curiosity and believe that inspiration for the best design solutions is often found in unexpected places. I’m currently located in Springfield, Missouri and working at 40Digits. Good to meet you!

- Wesley

A little more:

I used to host The UX Intern podcast where I asked seasoned UX designers questions from my perspective as a UX intern. I wrote about what I learned from that project in this UXPA article. Another project is Spirit of the Midwest, a podcast that interviewed Midwest creators.

You can tweet me @wesley_noble, email me at hi@wesleynoble.com, and see my work experience and recommendations from some nice people on LinkedIn.