A Passion to Learn

January 29, 2013

To state the obvious, the web is an amazing thing. It’s constantly evolving and advancing at a ridiculous rate. Things are being done today that would have blown the minds of people just 5 years ago (and they still blow my mind).

These fantastic advances require something from anyone involved in creating the web.

We need to be learners.

It’s more than just keeping up with current trends. We need to be teachable, open minded, and relentlessly pursue new knowledge. I would argue that you can’t be passionate about the web without being passionate about learning, too.

This stipulation shouldn’t be discouraging; instead it should inspire us with the vast amount of opportunities that continue to be created.

The learning curve for people just starting into the web is steepening every day, and the web is getting much more complex than when it first began. At the same time, there have never been so many articles, videos, and communities of people to aid this learning process.
I’m on that learning curve right now, and let me say – it’s really tough at times. But by surrounding yourself with the right people and resources, this initial curve can be conquered.

The learning process will never end, though. So embrace the mindset of a perpetual student, and go out with a passion for what you do, coupled with a passion to learn.