Advice to My Freshman Self

June 29, 2016

I graduated from college recently and decided to write some advice to freshman Wesley.

1) A daily schedule is freedom, not slavery.

2) Some work every day is of infinitely higher quality than all that work in one sitting.

3) Say thank you a lot.

4) Some people don’t care about their work. Don’t let that affect yours.

5) Some people are passionate about their work. Seek them out and let them inspire you.

6) Find little study haunts and use them.

7) You have to be your own advocate. No one else is looking out for you like you can.

8) Satan himself was consulted in the creation of ALEKS College Algebra. Just FYI.

9) Ignoring problems ONLY makes them worse.

10) Careful with the caffeine.

11) Learn to embrace the uncomfortable uncertainty that comes at some point in every project.

12) Over-communicating is always better than under-communicating.

13) Get off your butt and walk outside.

14) Ask questions until you understand. Don’t ever feel bad about this.

15) Don’t be afraid to appeal something.

16) Make time to selflessly serve other people.

17) Good and on time is better than perfect and late.

18) Always be thinking how you can apply what you’re learning to the real world. Even ALEKS College Algebra.

19) Do your best to enjoy the journey because you will only do this once.

20) Realize that college is about so much more than grades, credits, and evaluations. It’s about who you become as a person.