The Moleskine Dilemma

October 2, 2012

My computer wallpaper right now says “The key to success? Do Stuff“. While this may seem over simplistic, it is at least partly true. The first step to any kind of success, whether it be a chore, school assignment, or blog post is simply starting and “doing stuff”.

This is especially relevant for me, as I am a horrible procrastinator. Like, seriously. With way too many tasks, I wait until I feel “adequately motivated” to start, which usually turns out to be the very last moment humanly possible to begin and finish before the deadline.

Or I am afraid to start because I am worried I’ll “mess up”. Like my Moleskine. I admit, I bought my Moleskine because many designer-y people I respect have one, and I thought that if I was going to be cool like them, I needed a Moleskine. Well, it came to my house and was everything I wanted in a notebook. I must say, if Apple designed a notebook, it would be very much like the Moleskine. Then it just sat there on my desk. I was afraid to use it. It wasn’t a lack of inspiration, I simply was afraid to start because I wanted anything I did with it to be perfect. It must have been several weeks before I actually used the thing.

All this to say, I just needed to start. I needed to pick up my notebook and start using it. A similar thing happened with this blog. I have been working on this site for awhile now and I was afraid to post anything, so I decided that I simply needed to start, and this post is the result. I wanted a better profile picture, I wanted the site to be responsive, but who knows when that will come? I just needed to begin. What things do you want or need to do that you simply need to begin?

P.S.  I use my Moleskine a lot now.