Tough Stuff

July 30, 2014

Honestly, it’s been a challenging couple of months. June 2nd to July 24th I was in a chemistry class as part of my college plan. This was no ordinary college chemistry class, oh no. It was a full semester worth of chemistry crammed into under two months. Add to that the fact that I’m not really a chemistry person. Also add to that the fact that in June I started a crazy diet to heal some digestive issues. Add to that, this diet strictly restricts carbs, inducing brain fog for a large window of time.

It was kind of a perfect storm of tough stuff that had to be pulled through. And guess what? I did it!
This isn’t a post to crow about what I’ve done, but rather to make an observation. Tough stuff is really good. What I mean is, those circumstances forced me way out of my comfort zone and forced me to accomplish under pressure. It got me thinking, “If I worked this hard at [whatever], how successful could I be?”. I think many of us massively underestimate our potential to do, create, and accomplish. And sometimes, it takes really tough stuff to wake up to that truth.