Here are some projects that I have worked on. I share a look into my design process and thinking with each one. Also, here is my resume. Please reach out if you have any questions!

Ozarks Food Harvest example

Ozarks Food Harvest

Ozarks Food Harvest is a food bank serving Southwest Missouri. I was responsible for designing two key pages of their new website, the donation page and the events page.

Enzyme Education Institute example

Enzyme Education Institute

Enzyme Education Institute is an enzyme education website. I was responsible for collaborating in the creation of the project brief in addition to creating the wireframes document.

ThermoGRID example


ThermoGRID is a product primarily for heating and cooling companies to manage all aspects of their business. My contributions to the product were sitemaps and wireframes of core system components.

Honeysuckle White example

Honeysuckle White

Honeysuckle White is a consumer turkey meat brand. I was responsible for performing a competitive review in collaboration with a colleague for their new website.

Front Door Fitness example

Front Door Fitness

Front Door Fitness is a Kansas City based business that provides in-home personal training. I was responsible for doing the research and information architecture for their new website.