Enzyme Education Institute

Project Overview

Enzyme Education Institute is an enzyme education website managed by National Enzyme Company, an enzyme manufacturer. The site was intended to be an authoritative educational resource about all of the enzymes sold by National Enzyme Company. The business purpose of the site was to establish National Enzyme Company as an industry expert and to generate qualified leads. One challenge of the project was presenting site content in an unbiased way while also promoting the National Enzyme Company brand and meeting legal disclaimer obligations. Another challenge was that the language and structure of the site needed to be intuitively understood by both industry professionals and also consumers unfamiliar with enzyme products.


Before any design work began, a project brief document was created to make sure that our team was on the same page as the project stakeholders. This document detailed the website goals, strategies to be used to meet these goals, and the messaging and tone to be used in the website content. Three user groups were then identified to inform the design process. These were:

  1. Retailers
  2. Dietary Supplement Companies
  3. Consumers

Project brief user groups page

Key features of the site and CMS information was then detailed. All of this content was written based off of conversations with the client and validated by them before the design phase began.

I created the wireframes from the specifications found in the project brief. A basic sitemap was included at the beginning of the document.

Enzyme Education Institute sitemap

The following pages were the wireframes of major site pages with objectives, annotations, and descriptive notes. I used the block style of wireframing for this project so that there was no content to distract from structure; only blocks where text would be.


Human Nutrition subcategory



The solution we built for National Enzyme Company was one that catered to the needs of both enzyme industry professionals and consumers. It did this by providing easy access to technical documents for professionals and an intuitive portal to basic enzyme knowledge for consumers. And it served the needs of National Enzyme company by promoting the brand and collecting information from users in exchange for access to gated content.


Two things I took away from this project:

  1. Sometimes the client just wants ugly. After our visual designer made Photoshop mockups of the site, the client wanted to make some changes. These changes were easy to implement, but added up to a look and feel that left us less than thrilled. We voiced our concerns, but in the end had to humbly do what was asked of us.
  2. The immense value of content-first design. Because we did not insist on any content up front, the design process was made difficult and uncertain. If content had been a requirement, my designs would have been better optimized for the content they were intended to contain.